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Music I listen to

I listen all music,because music is big part for my job. I listen black metal ,ghot and ghot rock,industrial, heavy,and classic private. I like see video clips too ,specially Cradle of Filth video ,because Dannys morbid humor,wich i call ,,show no mercy,,

Movies I like

I like old occult horror movies.My favorite movies are Dracula and movies about witchcraft and occult black magic

The Name of the Rose,Prokleta Avlija,

Interesting facts about me

My Bio ..Hello ,I am 35 ,and married and have 2 kids.I am a music jurnalist,and i work in a radio.My Hobbies.. listening to music ,cooking, playing with my kids,watching tv and horror movies, concerts,reading books

My favorite brands

Metal Hammer,Nike.Coca Cola,Eve,Milka,Chicco, and much moore


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Places to visit before you turn 100

My only wish ..Finland and Romania viusiting